Liposuction Techniques: How is Hydrasolve® Different than Traditional Liposuction?

By Kung Plastic Surgery June 28, 2019

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery treatment that has helped many patients get rid of stubborn body fat. The treatment has evolved and offer patients new ways to get comfortable care that efficiently accomplishes their cosmetic goals.

We are proud to offer our patients the benefits of Hydrasolve lipoplasty: a modern technique for liposuction treatment. Hydrasolve® differs from standard liposuction in the following ways:

Gentleness - Traditional liposuction removes body fat by suctioning action, as the name of the procedures indicates. This process can prove to be hard on your body, but Hydrasolve® doesn’t require the same rigorous process for removing fat. We use a solution that softens fatty tissue, something called tissue liquefaction, making fat removal easier.

Post-treatment discomfort – Because our cosmetic fat removal treatment is assisted by the use of an injected solution, Dr. Kung’s efforts to give patients a leaner body produce less post-treatment discomfort. 

Speedier recovery time - Hydrasolve causes less damage to surrounding tissue, so the time you spend recovering from liposuction is shortened.

Minimally-invasive – The tube we use for Hydrasolve lipoplasty is narrow and made specially to help in liquefying fat tissue; the incision needed for this treatment is very small. Getting lipoplasty doesn’t involve any large incisions that could produce visible scarring.

Precisely targeted - The solution used to target fat only affect fat cells, making treatment particularly effective for specific problem areas of fat build-up. Traditional liposuction does not use the aid of targeted liquification for fat removal.

Hydrasolve® lipoplasty helps you sculpt a leaner body by removing persistent fat buildup that hasn’t responded to good eating habits and healthy physical activity. If you have any questions about lipoplasty, call our Chevy Chase cosmetic surgery office to speak with Dr. Kung about Hydrasolve® treatment.