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HydraSolve™ Liposuction System

By Kung Plastic Surgery  April 7, 2020

Are you curious about liposuction? Is it a procedure that you are currently considering? If so, do you know which method best suits your situation? Liposuction is a broad topic. There are different technologies available and various approaches to treatment. Traditional methods include water-assisted techniques, power-assisted methods, and the standard tumescent approach.

Traditional methods work for certain patients more than they would for others. In general, liposuction involves the extraction of fat. There is a significant risk of damage to the blood vessels and connective tissues. In some cases, liposuction can lead to significant bruising and swelling.

HydraSolve Liposuction System is quite different from the traditional methods highlighted above. HydraSolve is a gentle approach to liposuction. Thanks to Tissue Liquefication technology, we can selectively liquefy and target fat. Kung Plastic Surgery is a pioneer in HydraSolve Liposuction Systems. We were the first in the Mid-Atlantic region to embrace HydraSolve technology. Our cosmetic surgeons are among the few HydraSolve professionals in the country. With the HydraSolve, we can offer a non-aggressive yet practical approach to liposuction.

What are the Advantages of the HydraSolve Liposuction System

Traditional liposuction techniques involve an aggressive extraction of fat. They require the insertion of a tube into the body and the application of suctioning action. HydraSolve uses a low-pressure solution to target fat at specific spots. The tumescent solution liquefies the fat and eases the extraction process.

Advantages of the HydraSolve Liposuction System:

  • Hydrasolve targets specific fat tissue, leaving the surrounding fat untouched.
  • The precision of the technique yields smoother yet contoured results.
  • The whole process is less invasive and thus, quicker recovery.

Who is a Viable Candidate?

As you age, through no fault of your own, you develop love handles, the tummy bulge, or "bra fat." You can exercise and diet, but some areas do not respond to your fitness routines. In such cases, HydraSolve is an effective solution.

How it's Done?

We start the cosmetic procedure by administering an anesthetic. Preparation for surgery depends on the individual and the number of areas targeted. We may use HydraSolve in conjunction with a local sedative or general anesthesia.

The incision in HydraSolve is minor. The purpose of the incision is to allow Dr. Kung to apply the tumescent solution. Once the solution liquefies the fat, the surgeon uses a gentle suction action. Hydrasolve is a less invasive approach to liposuction. The results are sure to amaze, trimming your body to a smooth yet contoured shape.

What is the Difference Between HydraSolve and Water-Assisted Liposuction?

Although both procedures use water, the similarities end there. In water-assisted liposuction, the cannula ejects a high-pressure jet of water. The stream of water cuts the fat from the connective tissue. There's a risk of the water jet cutting the connective tissue. To mitigate the risk, the cosmetic surgeon manipulates the pressure of the jets. A sharpened cannula aperture then ejects the fat from the body.

HydraSolve, on the other hand, uses a non-cutting liposuction technique. HydraSolve uses Tissue Liquefication Technology (TLT). Here, a low-pressure stream of saline solution liquefies fat. HydraSolve uses specific rounded apertures to eliminate the need for forceful thrusting.

HydraSolve Recovery

Every case and every surgery is unique. After surgery, Dr. Kung will give you detailed instructions that will enhance your recovery. We advise all our liposuction patients to take some time off of work and avoid strenuous activity for up to ten days.

Most people may experience minimal bruising or swelling due to HydraSolves's unique TLT system. These side effects subside within a few days. To manage the side effects, we recommend some over-the-counter medication.

A follow-up visit is essential. We recommend that you come back for a visit around one week after the procedure. From there, we can track the progress of your recovery. Several weeks after your HydraSolve procedure, you should be able to appreciate the full benefits of the treatment. Firm and smoothly contoured curves will replace your love handles and bulging belly.

A Better Alternative to Liposuction

The first step to achieving your objectives is to request a consultation with Dr. Kung. At Kung Plastic Surgery, we will help you win the battle against stubborn fat. We will help you get rid of those love handles and bulging tummies.

Every case is unique, and every individual is special. For this reason, Dr. Kung takes the time to discuss your options. We are interested in your cosmetic objectives. Understanding your goals helps us prescribe the right treatment for you. We are happy to schedule an appointment for you or your loved one. Take control of your body; call our offices today!