Automated FUE Hair Transplant in Chevy Chase, MD

If you live in the Chevy Chase, MD or Washington, DC areas and would like a hair transplant, you can benefit from the Automated FUE procedure. Thanks to Dr. David Kung and his team of friendly medical professionals, the Automated FUE hair transplant procedure is now available at the Kung Plastic Surgery clinic. As well as being minimally invasive, the procedure is revolutionary when compared with the standard surgical approach to hair transplantation. Now patients who would like to enhance their looks can access this minimally invasive procedure and achieve a successful hair transplant that does not look obvious.
Usually, hair transplants involve making a surgical incision at the back of the scalp before removing hair from the donor area which will then be used at the transplant area. Not only is this surgically invasive, it also leads to visible linear scarring, usually at the back of the head. In recent years, doctors have developed a procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Rather than cutting and lifting an area of hair, FUE removes hairs at their base (the follicle) and implants them elsewhere in the body. This is revolutionary in hair transplant technology!
If you live in the Chevy Chase, MD or Washington, DC areas and would like to learn more about Automated FUE and how it can benefit you, contact our friendly team today. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kung, you can learn more about how the procedure will meet your needs as an individual.

Dr. David Kung

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