Hydrasolve Liposuction Available in Chevy Chase, MD at Kung Plastic Surgery

If your body is prone to storing fat in some problem areas, there's often not much that proper exercise and healthy eating habits can do.

Kung Plastic Surgery is proud to offer their patients the benefit of Hydrasolve™ lipoplasty in Chevy Case, MD. Our office is the first in the entire Mid-Atlantic region to offer tissue liquefaction treatment in the form of HydraSolve™ therapy. Be among the first in the country to experience this new form of liposuction, which has continued to produce fast and amazing results.

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What is Hydrasolve Lipoplasty?

Traditional liposuction involves removing fat build-up with a tube and suctioning action. In comparison, Hydrasolve lipoplasty uses a low-pressure tumescent solution that is targeted precisely at problem spots on your body. This method can actually soften fat so that it is more easily removed. Hydrasolve™ gives patients the results they've been looking for, in a way that is:

•Able to minimize downtime

This Tissue Liquefaction Technology requires less force for fat cell displacement and removal, so you recover quickly and do not encounter as many side effects as standard liposuction or other methods of fat removal treatment. Kung Plastic Surgery is the only practice in the entire mid-Atlantic region to offer this procedure.

Our unique method of liposuction is ideal for just about every patient --- those whose targeted areas include mild to moderate fat accumulation. Hydrasolve™ is way to remove stubborn fat, without harsh procedures and long recovery times or increased side effects and discomfort.

Lipoplasty Surgery in Chevy Chase

We start the cosmetic fat removal process by administering anesthesia. In some cases, HydraSolve™ is only used in conjunction with a local anesthetic, depending on your lipoplasty needs and which areas are going to be treated. Incisions involved in treatment are small and help Dr. Kung apply the solution to liquefy fat cells. Gentle suction is then used to smooth and trim areas of concern, for a better contoured body shape.

We typically advise that our lipoplasty patients avoid strenuous activities for up to 10 days after their treatment is complete. Any swelling or discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. We'll welcome you back into our cosmetic plastic surgery office for a follow-up visit around one week after your treatment.

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At Kung Plastic Surgery, our Chevy Chase cosmetic plastic surgeons help you effectively battle stubborn fat deposits on your tummy, hips, legs, and thighs with state-of-the-art lipoplasty treatment. From laser assisted and waster assisted forms of liposuction. Dr. Kung will select a technique perfect for you.

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